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i whas thinking why GM`s dont let ppl vote what event they whant to have in game 

Like put all the events in 1 big table and let ppl vote for them after they vote take out the event from the list and and start again the vote like this ppl stop 'QQ abou what event they whant and what event GM`s put  in game and after 3 pay event make 1 free event whet no ncstore 

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On 9.3.2020 at 3:22 PM, CrafterX said:

i think the answer is pretty easy.

But anyway if u create a poll the choices should be:

a. Cloak Event

b. Cloak Event

c. Cloak Event


he talk about event not shop promo ..... i am not sure why some players think that this 2 thinks are the same...

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