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Solo hunting


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Exalted gear huh..? Blazing swamp is your place... But then, you already knew that, didn't you? Of course castila and ACM


You can go to hellbound if you'd like and get 1 kill per minute and run out of mana. Exalted quests point you where you should be hunting. If you're not effective, it's a gear problem. You've hit the paywall and have yet to realize it. Can you get to 105? Sure np. Even more so now that xp event is on with 7 day vit rune for newbs.

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Level 104 with Enchanted exalted bow and I can't solo in EV or IT. Basically everywhere on the map that says "103 solo hunting field" is not possible to solo... I do great in the abandoned coal mines but that's only an hour zone... Any tips that don't require a credit card?

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Best tip I could give you is make a couple of friends and make a small pt. There is party bonus right now so technically with low dps You'll do faster xp than solo. That is if you don't want to spend money. Work on your gear 1 piece at a time and eventually you'll be able to solo some areas. But for now outside of coal mine or Castillo 100, blazing is the only spit you could solo comfortably.

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