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#StayHome #Lockdown

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Hello  @Juji @Hime and res NcSoft Team

As you already know m most of the world is under some type of Lockdown or movement restrictions like Stay Home Stay Safe due to nCoV19,

most of us are playing the game almost all day, i think its time for you for a fun event that will even bring back the players that left some time ago,

A fun event like the cake event you had some months ago could be optimal (if you can make it work this time), but we could manage with a Squash event of even with Letters.

But  since Easter is close (3,5 weeks from now) we could also have an extended version for it.


But pretty please do not make it a pay-to-play event, because i think it will bleep-off a lot of people.


Thanks in advance.

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