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How do you punch out every night knowing your job isn't done? Lag for a day, ok, maybe a week w/ an explanation, i guess.  Months?  No, no other US business would let their employees leave their business in the state this service is in.  If you're in over your head, subcontract some1 to come in and tell you, hire someone, do something!!  There's kids in high school that could probably figure this out for peanuts or a few apple time cards.  Open your personal wallet, bypass Korea, and fix this.  Sometimes it's easier to beg for forgiveness then ask for permission.  You will not draw new customers with experiences like this and you are for sure losing old customers/money.  I think Comcast actually has you beat in customer service!  I'm sorry, but I live in the US, I work in the US, and I have never, EVER, seen a business run this poorly.  You could double, even triple your profit with the right leadership but instead I swear, sometimes I think this is a social experiment to see how horrible a service you can provide and watch  what your loyal customers do in response.

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They dont care.. simple..


As seen everytime they say they found a potential problem... its like really? .. no information about it, no admission of guilt, or mistake.. and no fix.

It would be there only solution is pointing fingers at eachother outside our view, which still does not solve problem.

Its not random problem, its not a generic bug.. its incompetence somewhere, and yes for them someone is to blame.

But for us, they are all to blame.. 

This should be an all hands on deck issue for them, and yet seems even before covid lockdowns they treat it as minor problem.. sit at their desks and watch youtube vidoeos, or other tine wasting distractions while collecting paycheck for nothing...

Im sure thru all of this their biggest job is watching KPIs and trends, not even care about server but plan which shiny thing to dangle for more monies.

In aftermath that we can only hope will come soon, is admissiin of problem.. compensation, and business as usually..

No hope for real world heads on sticks, shady stories of some programmer fired for intentional sabatoge, or other drama to deflect and show it was all a conspiracy and our great ncwest is so innocent of all this.

Not to worry tho, enough sheep still spend money to send NCSOFT so reports are all is ok and they shouldnt intervene.

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@heavychick you are right, but sadly i have something to share. From personal experience ( working in a Multi Billion company), the bigger the company the slower the response time. Many people have great ideas on increasing sales, but these ideas never reach the people who actually take the decisions...

The lag problem indeed can be fixed with the help of a 3rd party, but nobody from the small USA based team takes accountability of the problem, thus this remains unsolved. I am sure they just " Escalate" the problem to their managers who don't even know what this game is . 

@ZooArcher you said the biggest truth there. As long as Managers see their KPI's and Sales hitting their numbers, it's all good. Nobody will do anything unless they see a Dramatic drop in sales. 

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