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  1. Cool story, and gratz on the promotion. Problem here though is you are not right. You are basically walking into a store and demanding for a promotion w/ profanity when they really don't have to do it at all. Actually, I just re-read your post and it made me laugh. Just like Heine fishing, that event could just go away someday. Look at all you are asking for, it'd much easier for them to just say, forget it.
  2. ok, not trying to be a jerk here, but if that's a prob, then you might not belong in the swamp in the first place. I run by so many pits with 7 man party's killing 2-3 mobs tops before the 1st 1 re-spawns. You see the huge xp amount when it finally dies, but is that really most efficient for the time spent? Probably not. I can promise you, they will not make more pits for you. Next update it will be a mad dash for pits so expect it to be even harder.
  3. Read your post, would you talk to your boss like that? If I was in charge, I'd postpone it just because jackholes keep demanding it. You act like they owe it to you.
  4. the guy is leader of 2nd top clan prob on chronos, running around w/ dragon bow and another 100k of gear sending war to pve clans in +6 bloody r99 armor when 1 of their members gets killed on siege field. can't defend your castle because it opens war and after siege its a blood bath of afk, low level macro tons from blazing swamps to forrest of mirrors that can't be ended because most of these members need to 24/7 macro to try and stay in level range. he holds giran and made it light castle.
  5. The fact that the boxes still aren't dropping in the right places, that must mean they are working on it right, and the event hasn't officially started yet???
  6. Any1 else picture Hime at the office looking exactly like his avatar?
  7. Having hundreds of box toons level to 105 never to be played again is not helping though, those people aren't financing the game. No 1 is buying ncoin for those place holders. it was just another not thought through idea.
  8. If you can't tell the difference between a bot and a macro, you're in for a bumpy road.
  9. Again, you are just rolling over and giving up man, where are you from? I BET 100% KOREA HAS NO IDEA HOW POORLY THIS SERVER IS BEING RUN. DO YOU REALLY THINK THESE GUYS ARE SAYING, "HEY BOSS, EVERYONE IS COMPLAINING GAME SUCKS, HUGE WAVES OF PEOPLE QUITTING, 10% OF PLAYERS ARE SPENDING ALL THE MONEY, LAG IS TERRIBLE, MELEE IS BROKEN, DROPS/XP ARE BROKEN, CUSTOMERS SEE OTHER REGIONS W/ WAY MORE CONTENT, WE CAN'T HIDE IT ANYMORE?" No, they realize after this many years, there is no (next) job waiting, would you hire any of them after looking at their resume? We need some1 here to get Kor
  10. I have only Dc once or twice, I'm ok with that, but my friend how is my buffer over night has been DC'ing like crazy. Is this Mixa's alt account?
  11. Rather then lock it, why don't you learn something from it? You guys have a broken system, there is absolutely no reason the system is the way it is, but pure 100% laziness on ncsoft side. You constantly promote ways for people to get hurt, robbed, ripped off, scammed, for no reason. There's a COD system for regular mail, make 1 for ncoin also, simple!!!
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