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Hi everyone, maybe there is already a post of this but i cant find it, so here is my question.

Is there any list of the quests? i recently finished the quest of the 500 in Death Pass and i'm 37 and there is no more quests, so i have to wait until lvl 40?



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Hi again, for anyone that enters this topic, i found all game quests present.

you have to open the map in game, then click in "World Info", then go to "Quest Info" and finally click in "All Quests".



PD: i hoped to find more but thats it.

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Hi chut3, me in the same situation, arrive lv.37, finished all npc quests... then, i leveled up to 40, waiting for a new quest arrive in 40, but nothing... nothing quest, nothing armor, nothing weapon.

yesterday i found a quest in Town of Aden, npc "Tores: Dungeon of Abyss Officer", he send to you to West Abyssal Prison to take quest to npc Magrit.

Apparently, this quest paid with Armor "C" and Weapon "C"

this is all that i found until now.

Now i ll check what you said in the map info! ty

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