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A question about the auto-hunt option

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I am sorry if I am getting annoying and it is no my intention to troll or make someone upset, but I really have to ask.

I am leveling through the auto-hunt @ants right now. (level 36) I basically can go afk for the whole day and level up without being behind my pc. I just buy enough potions and it is impossible to die.
Now I wonder if I can do this until level 80 hopping to different zones when I level up and just go afk.

If its possible, then why do people want this? I am very curious. I just want to know why this is so fun for the majority and perhaps I can see why I was wrong.

Thanks in advance!


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Probably because the old classic/no box is not as glamorous as some make it out to be. At least some boxes is nice and spamming 1 button 24/7 isn't that fun either. If you aren't boxing full parties it's not really possible to do at higher levels. You can afk, but there are caveats. 

You are trying to preach to the choir. No one cares. The rates on official are lower then classic and if you aren't paying for VIP it's virtually unplayable anyways. Meaning you kind of need to afk farm to get anywhere. 

If you are only using moon armor you won't be able to do afk past ants nest if you aren't willing to spend some money on decent gear. Good luck if you think you can afford all those consumables just to afk farm lower levels. Prove it and get 80 for us before you talk. 

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This is rpg. And for me its about the rpg stuff with some pvp sometime. Leveling characters, getting equipment, buying selling on the market, little bit of crafting. People that say crafting is dead they don't know what they talk about. For me the most fun is getting drops, its like winning the lottery. I love pvp but its pointless right now. The most idiot players that waste their hard earned money will win all the time, so pve is fun for me.

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