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  1. I am free 2 play player, why will i go to siege? So pay 2 win can one shot me? no ty. Pvp is dead because of the p2w. Let the idiots that spend 3k on this game pvp with themselves.
  2. I just can't accept that they are this stupid. I think they are this greedy and evil. All the events show us that they are designed to milk the players pretending to give fun.
  3. Because bots don't use this client and they do not have limit. Real legit players get Nerf again ty NCSOFT. Every update they keep killing the legal players and buff the bots.
  4. You don't understand, this will not limit accounts for bots. This only limits for people that don't use bot.
  5. Percent enchant is really a gamble. If you know how percents work. You can enchant 1 million times and till not get a successful enchant or get it on the first time. This is why its a gamble. If 4% is a correct number that is very low chance. 4% does not mean 4 enchants out of 100.
  6. Because pay to win don't need shitty drops and they just want level. This server is designed for the pay to win players, as seen by the design of server, the events, and especially the op items that players can only get for cash. It is just sad.
  7. I bet ncsoft does not know ether. HAHA. They probably ask Korean developers but they don't want to say.
  8. This event is so bad. ncsoft higher more competent developers. A monkey could make a better event. This event is basically for one person per server. In TI bepler always wins the event. Ncsoft you are a joke that is not funny. Fire the event maker and hire some one that knows what they are doing plz.
  9. b grade is cheaper then c why would you buy c? Only thing that is more expensive is mage weapons but not by much.
  10. This is rpg. And for me its about the rpg stuff with some pvp sometime. Leveling characters, getting equipment, buying selling on the market, little bit of crafting. People that say crafting is dead they don't know what they talk about. For me the most fun is getting drops, its like winning the lottery. I love pvp but its pointless right now. The most idiot players that waste their hard earned money will win all the time, so pve is fun for me.
  11. I don't know how it works. I would guess the last person that hits the mob it looks at their vip.
  12. or put it in l2 coin store. Why is l2 coin store so empty put more things that will help low and mid player and also high player. Also put more functions for auto hunt so its better then the bots. Bot problem solved.
  13. Would be nice if new players could get Hats , pendents and other stuff for less then 1b adina.
  14. Never said all. I said about myself and i am 100% legal. So you use autohunt premium?
  15. Should be 30 days. PK is not pvp. Pk is high level players going to low level leveling spots and thinking they know how to pvp because can can pk afk people who are 40 levels below them.
  16. So, make pvp so one clan can kill everyone and farm the raids? how is this different then now? To fix this they need to get rid of rtm. It is a very difficult task and if they could not do it in 17 years i dont think its possible. Easy way of doing it is have the drops untradable and uncrystalizible and sold for 0 adina. If you get a drop you must use it. The drop should be given randomly to a number of people participating in the raid.
  17. I use auto hunt that is ingame. EU classic is alive? what drugs you taking? Normal game, in the begining, L2 open beta and after the best way to make money was to level up to 35. then de level to level 15 and farm. Elf dagger with a menguche was a standerd to farm.
  18. If NA listens to you we would be EU classic = dead. Autohunt in game is best thing that happened to legal players.
  19. I am new player and I had 4 accounts farm in roa. Why, because thats the only way new player can make some adina for weapons and ss. The quest in roa was easy to make even on orks. Just set the auto hunt come back in 2 hours and your quest is done. I dont know why so many cry. Roa is fine, more hunting ground like roa at higher levels would be nice.
  20. Just look at the mAtk and price. Staff are in high demand so one hand wep makes a better buy. It is all about price and mAtack. One thing to consider is that its alot cheaper to put sa on b grade then a grade weapon.
  21. cry c anywhere between 800 -1300 I would not pay more. It is still good price. cry d is between 525 - 650 This is actually below the tax rate of zero. This fluctuates depending on giran castle tax. This is TI server, I dont know about giran server but dont see a reason it should be any different.
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