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Brooch's, Bracelets, Belts, Masks in 2020


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Whats going on guys! I greatly appreciate your responses in my previous post about gear. Now I've got some question diving into the details about how to make your character strong.

Brooch's: How do Brooch's work? Whats a good Brooch? Can someone explain how Gem's work?

Bracelet: Whats a good bracelet? How do Talisman work? How many can I equip and what types? What are the best for Grand Khavatari's?

Belt: Are good belts worth the money? Pros and Cons?

Masks: Do they replace the circlet or helmet or is it its own spot? What are good masks?


Remember the goal of these threads is to shed light on the best accessories and methodology behind the choice that will help make your DD the strongest it can be. Please list out exact item names and why so we can all learn. Again, thank you guys for helping and happy hunting :)

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you forgot shirts & cloaks on your list and eventually artifacts :)

btw bad time to play Tyrant aka GK with the ongoing melee lag issue as it forces you to focus on pskill damage set up which actually isn't the best for GK and stupid expensive

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Broochs allow gems to be added for increased stats and such.
Gems go on Brooches and provide increased values based on the gem. Ruby for instance adds to Soulshot % increase. So on and so forth. The higher the gem the better and more stats it provides.
Broochs have the same thing. Level 1 allows for 4 gems. Level 2 allows for 5 gems and level 3+ is for 6 gems.
Pick your gems based on your goals as a Tyrr. https://l2wiki.com/La_Vie_En_Rose's_Brooches

That link can help a lot.
Bracelets can also be improved. Kaliels < greater Kaliels < top Kaliels is the progress. Again add more stats with each upgrade and enchant

Belts are in the same fashion. get the best one you can get. I believe someone mentioned lower to higher in your last post.
Masks are a newer and interesting thing. You can run a Circlet and Mask at the same time. Veterans Mask or Queen Navari's mask will both work with your Circlet you get for completing exhalted quest lines.
And as Draecke mentioned Cloaks and Shirts are a totally another thing.

Hope this all helps.

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