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Cube of gratitude


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11 minutes ago, Lean said:

No no, they dnt mention CHARACTER



You're right. I'm used to NCSoft's definition of "1 per account" meaning that the item is only for one character for a one-time daily use and it can't be traded, transferred or dropped.

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I'm new here, so I already realize that patch notes have to be interpreted since they are not clear. 

From what I read this is written 1 on account and at no time is a character mentioned,

based on that I think the cube can be transferred to another character of the same ACCOUNT,

but the cube items are not.

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2 hours ago, Degus said:

IT     SAYS    1     PER      ACCT!!!!!!     

Yes exactly what i said. account is different from character!

Why the caps you are mad? 

you're taking the train running.


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