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The greatest problem of the game.

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Trax says we are adults we should pay. Pay for what? For almost 20 years old game? They remove everything. They should pay to me that I am still playing here and writing my posts.

What they brought for the midle tier, which buy all items from top, for the last 5 years? Nothing, but many cool things were taken away.

I would fire all the producers and game designers. How many times will you raise levels in new locations? You do not understand that the majority of players do not see new content update by update. Players level up, and then a new patch comes out, and they stay in the old location. But I'm already fed up with the Magic Circle of Beleth, even though I can kill mobs in other places, it's the most effective way to kill them there (for bowman 107).

You abandoned the solo players completely. Why I must overpay 10k? To be competitive with constant party members? As man who don't have a lot of time I do not see any reasons from my point. It's you who doesn't give me reasons.

Your quest system is ridiculous. It's old like dinosaurs. Check how other games have organised auto path and quests.

Launcher.. Come on, can you make it remember 10 accounts at least. I will appreciate that. You must understand that I make many accs because I like to try different classes. You force me to do this due your innability to make character transfers between accounts. And remove that region selection.. Do not say me play only one char, I saw how interesting your events are for the supports...

Who remember L2 progect with 5 vs 5 arena? I'm sure they left it because they didn't know how to monetize. Why not introduce it as a game tournament, where the equipment of the characters does not matter. For winning in it let give pvp-pve stones. That is, there is no need to worry about someone not buying gear, because it is not necessary during the TVT. I think that the best players would be grabbed by top clans and would be dressed by them.

Isn't my criticism constructive? If you have anything to say, please welcome.

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