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Remove 500 pots


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1 hour ago, Gustin1 said:

@Sunshine @Juji @Hime  can you please remove 500 pots from the game, if they are in there? They kill pvp, and players are unkillable while spamming them. There is literally no point to pvp people with 500s turned on. This is coming from experience on EU

Altho i totally agree that it'd be really good to remove them, i gotta say that it's not so true that 500s made people immortal. For sure it was making it way harder to kill and some players really turned immortal but it only happens when ur dmg dealt is not enough to burst through...and sadly the L2 essence experience is all about burst dmg...
But yeah it'd be good to not have'em around to balance the pvps a little. I'm still hoping for essence to get live server olympiads. 

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