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  1. if 1 person get this holy ray will be super awesome, that person will be able to sell for w/e price he wants... but i dont think any1 will get it
  2. less then 3 months of server, and u wanna class change? wtf?
  3. Yeh, was almost impossible, for like 2 days...
  4. NCKR already have their own BOT system, i guess ncwest is trying to make an agreement with Adrenaline ppl to make it official... who knows, they got lots of reports and proofs of ppl botting and using 3rd party software, but we see them everyday...
  5. everything is allowed on oly... u can use pot/melissas/pets/ scrolls... if u are kamael u can steal b uffs and join oly.. w/e u can think...
  6. server sieges will be same time as fortress... blackbird have healthy balanced pvp server, while elcadia have 1 sided free farming bosses... GMT only makes difference for fortress/siege, every other thing will be cross server timezone...
  7. after 76, i guess u have an attack skill that spoil and sweep
  8. to determine a winner. 1st = last team standing. 2nd = team with more ppl alive 3rd = total team dmg
  9. 1. played essence on EU for 1.5 years, im on aden after 10 days it started. 2. zero money spent, all farmed and buyin l1k from ppl 1. 0. 4. 6 accounts running
  10. @Sunshine @Juji i thought attendance was gonna get extended =(
  11. crafting with hardin/aden crystals its 7% not 25%, only with giran seals it is 25%
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