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  1. u cant change your main class... u can change between daggers... its a chaos essence, not a dual/main swap... if u are ghost hunter, u can change to adventurer, but not to tyrr or yul... dual class u can change to anything u want in red libra, w/o loosing level
  2. maybe u failed math in school... but its ok... u need 12 mentees to enchant to max level... but yeah, we need updated mentee shop,
  3. Underground chests

    they answer that in discord... said that those box had appearence weapon modifier... they didnt care to give a decent answer, cuz i know for a fact that, this chest doesnt give anything that change appearence... they just dont care
  4. is there any chance ncwest open a l2essence server?
  5. Drop Calculator 2020

    u can only get 120 ether per day... so if u need 2k, u need atleast 18 days getting 120 ether/day so u can try craft 1 60%... new craft system is awesome right? new players that wanna get things "Cheaper" now need farm for atleast 6 months, to try make one set + weapon ;D
  6. Looking all the problems this new update brings... im here to list a few that i remember... underground treasure chest : Deleted w/o telling us, according to patch notes, there was nothing that indicates underground treasure chests gonna disapear, now its impossible to new/casual player to get a decent boss jewel, ( considering angel jewel chance to enchant and elcyum price... takes atleast 9 days to try craft 1 angel jewel with 60% chance, untradable ) Adena ninja nerf drop... drop ninja nerf... was supposed to get easier to make bloody/dark r99, since the r110 is way better... but now, 360 eod is quite impossible to get, so u cant make bloody/dark amaranthine weapons... Mentees not getting bonus exp when mentor is online... mentee shop not updated... patch notes said was update a few items in mentee shop... not happened... prices went way up... and adena drop way down... new mats gives no adena... so is getting harder and harder to make adena...
  7. How to make adena since new update ??

    soon they will add the possibility to buy adena with ncoin... cuz they already takin all the ways to "free to play" players to make adena...
  8. @Juji considering treasure chest underground wasnt in patch notes that they will disapear, will they return? they dont have any item that change weapon appearence... mentees wasnt suppose to get 50% bonus exp when mentor is online? not working yet... veteran mask enchants will enter in mentee shop? patch notes said the was gonna be there... IMO this patch notes its incomplete and wrong...
  9. 2 mentee = 2 scroll
  10. how to make shots now?

    buy the recipe from recipe merchant.. mysterious for dwarf and normal to any toon
  11. Atlas Earring?

    https://ctrlv.cz/qVrq according to the mail i got when my mentee level, was supposed to buy... but ncwest is too good to let ppl get decent things through mentee marks, and loves to ninja things...
  12. Atlas Earring?

    u dont...
  13. https://ctrlv.cz/g8AD this was the juji answer about loosing underground chest... but there was no weap modifier in treasure chest - underground... they just love to ninja... now if u wanna abundance, u have to pay l2store... next update mobs will not drop anymore, if u want adena, u pay l2store...
  14. Scroll: Enchant Expert’s Mask is used to enchant Expert’s Masks and is obtained by exchanging Mentee's Marks with Mentor Guides in each town. so this is a lie?
  15. Othell guide for starter 85-106

    best rings for daggers = fallen angel ring +6++, dragon ring +3 ( obviously ), Olympiad ring 30 days , god accessories rings, and with this new update coming, angel ring +6... u can use fallen angel ring + angel ring... angel ring is craftable, but u need atleast 8-9 days farming aether, to craft 1... ( crafted rings are not tradable )... dex is good for daggers in same way for archers... increases crit chance of skills... crit dmg increases your normal attack crit, and your skill dmg.. your skill crit dmg, increases your skill dmg and your skill crit... imo dex is good for daggers not cuz half kill... but cuz increases blow land rate... and skill crit chance... so when your blow crit, it will increases all yours crit dmg + skill crit dmg bonuses, doing a lot of dmg... when i was a dagger b4 fafurion, i always use dex, cuz human have way too low dex, and miss alot of blows...