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  1. enchant rate for cloaks

    korean enchant rate + na prices... what could go wrong right? 5-% chance of sucess, for every 50 dolars...
  2. L2 Store needs to change

    the problem isnt the gamble part... is the high prices... 2000 ncoin for an item that gives 5% chance of sucess... this is way too much ridiculous... u can pay 50 hero coin too... but to get 50 hero coin u need to buy 4k ncoin... so if u want get closer to sucess u need atleast 20 scrolls to get closer to 65-70% chance of sucess.... 20 scrolls is 80k ncoin.... 80k ncoin = 1k dolars to make 1 cloak legendary... thats ridiculous insane imo... edit: but hey... if ppl continue buying, it means they dont care.... if players dont care... ncsoft will suck all their money while they can...
  3. How to get the event cube ?

    l2store, search for "annive". and there will be 2 items talisman and cube for 15adena each
  4. wrong, when u use firecracker u get 1-6, and u need use more within 10 seconds, to increase 1-6 more... goal is to reach 15...
  5. 23:00 cake raid will be in same time with zariche/akamanah weap time... so they can wipe everybody there huh? edit: cool event @ all... only attendance it is the worst possible...
  6. mini cake stacks with deton red + lucky growth? lf info on pitapat box rewards...
  7. @Juji @Hime can we expect the new artifact system anytime soon? the new artifacts? or for now we will only have the balance types?
  8. Zariche: Prisoner Of Soul

    read fafurion patchnotes and u will find out
  9. is there any chance if dev found a fix for dye powder, to fix it immediatly? or we will have to w8 till maintenance no matter what?
  10. dont worry, when they fix they will spawn angel cat as compensation for u
  11. They may have add some new bugs... thats the new adventure in ncwest servers now...
  12. yaay, no ingame events again... edit: no fix in anything?
  13. Lineage 2 BOT

    only if classic ppl have their own place in forum to post those sh1ts, huh?...
  14. Next Red Libra

    SOON tm