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  1. quest kamael disarray

    in quest Kamael disarray in giants cave after complete 30/30 QI, he tell us to go talk with retbach, but nothing happens when we do...
  2. nevit gold hourglass

    is that normal? or a bug?
  3. nevit gold hourglass

    u can only get 1 shinning book per mob? if i kill 2 mobs that gives 15b exp total, i only get 2 books.. is that normal?
  4. ARE u visiting us today? for compensation? =P
  5. drop rate doesnt influence in damaged books... only luc stats influence it
  6. BROOCH jewels

    just curiosity... this Shadai's Brooch Pack* (200 Hero Coins) La Vie En Rose's Radiant Brooch Chest x1 Ultimate Jewelry x90 16,000 its a 5 slot radiant? cuz doesnt makes any sense if it is... considering u need 30 gemstone fragment + radiant frag, its like getting a 5slot brooch for 60 gemstone power... i dunno if its a mistake, or what... but this brooch event its the worst i ever seen... completely overpriced and ridiculous offers...
  7. Luck Befitting Of The Status Quest

    I THINK U have to choose between the rewards... u can try enchant with mammon enchants, or normal enchant weapon (r... check that
  8. BROOCH jewels

  9. yes, when reach lv 6, u get ruby/sap lv3... but when reach lv 3 u get emerald, and lv4 u get diamon/pearl ( if im not mistaken ) dunno if they will disapear too
  10. they only change the lv 6 faction right? lv 3 and 4 still gets 3 jewels
  11. BROOCH jewels

    so sick, in innova server... with 10 dolars ( 9 euros~) u can get 30 ult jewel box ( if u buy individual ), with 10 dolars here, u get 5 =) we could get some discounts on jewels here too...
  12. Lineage 2 PK system pool

    nowhere they said that equips will be destroyed... if u die with +4 ++ pk, your punishment is to lose exp... =P
  13. Cursed Sword Rewards

    TO prevent this exploit... so if akamanah/zariche is in town, and u cant kill him... u can destroy the treasure chest, and the sword will dissapear... priest of purification is to kill the user of akamanah/zariche, so he be active @ all time...
  14. Cursed Sword Rewards

    If each Treasure Chest of the Cursed Sword is destroyed, the ownership is lost and the sword is dropped again in the world.
  15. Note: You can exchange a +10 Dark/Bloody Amaranthine Weapon through Ferris for a +10 Bloody/Dark Krishna weapon (Stage 2). The fees to upgrade a +10 Dark/Bloody weapon requires Gemstones (R-grade), Elcyum, and Adena. The amount of materials required will increase depending on the enchant level. so u can trade a bloody amaranthine weapon +10, for a bloody krishna weapon +10? is that it? or bloody krishna weapon +8?