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  1. to determine a winner. 1st = last team standing. 2nd = team with more ppl alive 3rd = total team dmg
  2. 1. played essence on EU for 1.5 years, im on aden after 10 days it started. 2. zero money spent, all farmed and buyin l1k from ppl 1. 0. 4. 6 accounts running
  3. @Sunshine @Juji i thought attendance was gonna get extended =(
  4. crafting with hardin/aden crystals its 7% not 25%, only with giran seals it is 25%
  5. What time garden bosses spawn? cus it says 22:00 server time... but its cross-server time, and we have 2 server with 6 hours apart Raid bosses spawn at 22:00 server time in the zone and have a chance to drop A-grade weapons, armor, accessories, spellbooks, and more!
  6. u get 10 agathion ticket + ignis +5 + agathion bracelet lv3... its bonus... ideally u get all agathions atleast +5
  7. oh great, so will be almost impossible to get attack/def scrolls w/o ncoin... lcoin should be the p2w currency, but looks like will not...
  8. The following will be available in the L2 Store when maintenance is completed: Name Content Description Quantity NCoin Price Restrictions Available Forgotten Primeval Garden Recharge Stone Forgotten Primeval Garden Recharge Stone Extends use time of timed hunting zone for 60 min. <Applied Hunting Zone> Forgotten Primeval Garden
  9. u can go to innova purple/ruby servers, will be alot of free farm zones...
  10. what? a pvp game where ppl need to fight to exp? how dare u lineage2
  11. taking off Warcryer, he is completly useless, hierophant are one of the tankiest mage dmg... they do good dmg with amazing hp/def... Dominator are tankiers and with amazing debuffs/heals for clan, and rarely run out of mana after 76+ bladedancer is amazing tanky and with quite good debuffs against mages... SWS is tanky against fighters, and do quite good reflect dmg...
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