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  1. cute skin, do u ever saw a yul dwarf? he sits down everytime he use a skill
  2. but if there is no penalty in being red, there is no difference between pink or red, must have a penalty when a guy is red... IMO if u die pk, your items should break, but if u pay adena, u could repair them, or something like that... so ppl get pked, lose money and dont lose their items... if there is no penalty in being red, doesnt makes any difference if u pk or w8 for the enemy to flag edit: if there is no penalty in pk, no clan will ever take dragons or epic world boss, cuz the top pvp clan will pk them so they get inside... they not gonna lose anything anyway, so they can pk their way into dragons w/o worries
  3. High level GK stat

    can u post a stats with only iss + self buffs?
  4. after 18 years of lineage2, they will fix it now, just cuz u askin its not a bug, its a special feature of ncwest... not other server have this...
  5. Main class change

    bring back stone of destiny ;P
  6. Extend EXP Boost Event please

    should keep the xp boost till fafurion update =)
  7. is server settings, not server bonus...
  8. No EXP and SP for 1st Class Transfer.

    changing class doesnt gives exp, only when u finish the quest necessary to do it
  9. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

    server onlys come back after brazil's game... they will stop maintenance to watch the game, duh
  10. 2 BUG, buff iss, and skill sum

    sharing equipment will not increase any stats on pets, only will make pets get bonuses from set/weapon pve or pvp bonus i didnt understand what u meant on