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I cant say for sure yet for Aden, but theres some older info on the Essence game version in EU here https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/673382/

"Overlord and Warcryer : ..... You can wear heavy armor and drain HPs and MPs (MPs after 76) from mobs making you unkillable by enemies even if you're afk hunting."

So I think maybe the plate armor set might be good option.

(Especially if you have a moonshadow robes set from first transfer so you can have both a robes and a plate set ? also opposite if you already have light set from first xfer, maybe get free robe set.)

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16 hours ago, Baraba said:

Hi guys can anyone help with OL leveling? Am stuck with mage build at 62. Its not moving and mana is problem. What set shoul I take from attendace reward?

There was a guy that was lvling with duals and hvy armor, if you think about it, he attacks mobs and when there is enough mp regen he uses steal essence.

I have 2x OL's, the problem is not the mana but the people around you. due to the low cast speed and manner off from some people, you start casting and by the time you finish, the mob is dead, you get no XP/drops whatsoever. Personally I stopped lvling the OL and only doing daily instances.

Now you could try and use 3 parts karmian for the cast speed bonus and 2x Zubei robe for the MP regen bonus, its helps a little bit.

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I started mine a week late, and it's currently lv 72 using a mage build.  To help with the mana issues, I have steal essence + attack right-clicked, so I cast steal essence once, hit the mob with my staff once, lather rinse repeat.

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