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Clarification Requested - When are Cruma Blueprints *actually* going bye bye?


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There has been confusion in the past regarding event windows, so let's make an attempt to be VERY CLEAR AND PRECISE about what is going on.

I won't even begin to comment on the drop rates for these things.

I don't see how anyone can be happy about this.

NCSoft seems to have taken an AWS model, where every single thing you do requires a cost in-game.

Might as well charge people LCoin to even login into their account at this point.

The stewardship of this game has been atrocious thus far. L2 used to be something dynamic and special.

Now, we're just getting taken left and right.

Some relief is in order.

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  • L2 Team
9 hours ago, Shaierel said:

According to the ingame announcement the event will last another week.

According to the validity of item, it will expire in less than a day.

Please clarify, @Sunshine


The event item still has 10/13 as the deletion date, but will be extended after the maintenance ends. 

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