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  1. Don't expect an answer. Seriously.
  2. Tip: set the bar really low so you're never disappointed. But, I cannot do this myself. You see the problem/paradox here. We all might as well be yelling at statues. It's like trying to reason with an alcoholic. You won't get anywhere.
  3. The more money you have, the more "fun" you can buy. Awesome system, huh?
  4. They don't want 3rd parties capitalizing on the IP of the game. That's why. The botting function for "good players" is out of convenience more than anything else. And yes, Sayha is very problematic, along with other player behaviors that NCSoft refuses to enforce/constrain. Why bother under this regime?
  5. Totally agree. Not worth the effort or resources.
  6. Epidemic vs. Doom/Anarchy or whoever else is out there now.
  7. Video or it didn't happen as the old L2 saying goes. Propaganda. Both sides do it.
  8. Well, I think that is highly possible. After all, they seem to get immunity from any sort of enforcement. Unfortunate.
  9. Well, it certainly affects their reputation in my mind. They are quickly self-immolating themselves.
  10. I think they have a problem with mining data properly to determine what players are willing and able to spend. It's as if they expect everyone to be whales.
  11. @Juji Well, it's clear to me that NCSoft gave up on a lot of things with Aden. So be it. We can choose to participate or not. It all comes down to preferences - what people want. You don't understand that, you will frustrate and alienate you customer base. Not a wise economic strategy by any means. Sounds like they need help pouring through all the data. Data tells a story and the story they've come up with isn't cogent with reality. Yet, for whatever reason, people accept this as normal. Me, personally, I do not. They need to fix a lot of things before I con
  12. My guess is they implemented this structure to prevent legions of botters to farm adena for $15 a month per account. Bot trains plagued Classic and they willfully infringed on NCSoft's IP for their own financial gain. There used to be ban hammers every so often, but it seems enforcement is a thing of the past now. The TOS is meaningless. I suggested for 2500 NCoin a month, they remove all the Sayha garbage, and give players 600% exp/sp for a month - also include 500 of each battle scroll. The alternative is the ghetto Sayha where you get 200% exp/sp but adena drops are nerfed by - what is
  13. Spending money is a must IF you want to progress in any meaningful way. But I think the perception of value has been warped - NCSoft has their valuation methods while other players have their own idea what constitutes "value." One of the biggest issues is Sayha generation/degeneration in tandem with Sayha Storms. Without them, you're just gimping yourself exp wise. But NCSoft makes it very difficult to acquire this "fuel" in game. Cookies and Grace Potions only take you so far - there's no in game mechanic after level 76 that I have seen that lets one collect Sayha Storms. You have t
  14. I have zero problems killing there. If you're happy with such paltry "rewards," so be it. Some people are easily satisfied/duped. But it is an investment: time AND money, just not one or the other. My point is this: there is no carrot or incentive. Go look up decreasing returns to scale.
  15. So, you kill 3000 TOI/DV mobs and use how much Sayha in this time frame? Not to mention SS, Spirit Ore, and time? And get 10 grace cookies? Or 60 minutes of time in a hunting zone requiring the same use of resources? You're operating at a net loss. What an awesome deal. Over and over and over again. But, this is what vampires do.
  16. May not be under any obligation, but it's the right thing to do.
  17. It worked in WoW, and there's is/was a decently functioning economy. Merit and skill could get you into top guilds for raids for better gear and an overall more dynamic gaming experience. WoW had how many subscribers at it's peak? Over 13M. They're still printing money, even with a subscription based model, too. There are some Bind on Equip items in WoW, but the really good stuff that make characters "strong" is not. So this certainly goes to the question of when something becomes "worthless." Is this a PvP/PvE game or a crash course in how to function in a broken economy? I kno
  18. The problem isn't Epidemic. It's NCWest and the underlying mechanics and enforcement of the rules of the game. Why? 1. There's a split between imprint and non-imprinted gear. The demand for non-imprinted gear is what destroys game economies. Why? The incentive structures are warped. Get a nice drop, sell it for adena and boxes, you're rich! Now you can go buy the stuff you really want. Problem is now there is a flood of C and B grade that pollute the Aden Cathedral stairs to no end that no one really wants unless you take a severe loss. But A grade? Different story. Look no further t
  19. There has been confusion in the past regarding event windows, so let's make an attempt to be VERY CLEAR AND PRECISE about what is going on. I won't even begin to comment on the drop rates for these things. I don't see how anyone can be happy about this. NCSoft seems to have taken an AWS model, where every single thing you do requires a cost in-game. Might as well charge people LCoin to even login into their account at this point. The stewardship of this game has been atrocious thus far. L2 used to be something dynamic and special. Now, we're just getting taken lef
  20. Well, seems like it is time to demand more from NCSoft in terms of rewards. This entire event has been pathetic, a waste of money. 1. Not publishing Probabilities - lots of cases of buyer's remorse. 2. The RNG Gods (The ghost in the machine) hate us. 3. Why are we doing this again? NCSoft will remain silent on the matter and just let people get scammed essentially. Not good business practices. A form of relief is order, methinks. There are alternatives...
  21. I admire your optimism, but given the stewardship thus far, I don't have much faith anymore.
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