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About this new event mechanics (bad ending)


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Hey there, i notice since a couple of events the event mechanics changed for worse, now the "events" requires you to buy something to do what past events used to do for free. For example, this current event needs you to purchase an 1kk scroll to self buff and you must hold the buff during 24 hrs while it's selfrenewed each hour, sadly (or conveniently) if you die and the renew buff time catch you dead you lost the buff and must buy another and do it since the begging, as we know this server PK politics are non-existent, so its more than probable you will get Pked by someone who is actually looking for this, make you lose the event on purpose; on the other hand, during October we had a Halloween event with exactly the same evolutive buff related stuff, with the important difference that the buff was given for an NPC, FOR FREE, and any time you wanted or needed he will give it to you again, because of course you were suposed to be Pked by the uncontrollable bloodlust of the top player$ and lost your buff, devs knew you will lost the buff and you gonna need to ask for it again on the NPC, and again and again, and that was so exhausting, but at least it was for free.

So what's the point to make something was "not ok but decent", even worst now?
And last events were basically the same, buy a chocolate doll, craft stuff by a "low" adena price, i mean those are events, we shouldn't supposed to waste money on it, you already have your "special sale events" why make the little free part of this game harder?

I really hope this doens't got deleted, and someone actually read and give their opinion and hopefully some moderator/gm/dev can say something, cuz i have played many NCsoft games like Aion, BnS even MXM, and sometimes the team is not aware of this stuff as it should.

Thank you.

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On 2/16/2022 at 9:23 PM, Kurisu said:

"Cuz this event works on korea"



This comment got me thinking. 

Asians in general have a different mentality and culture. Where individualism rules in the west, it is about the greater good in the east. Do these things happen on the korean server where one individual comes to wipe out the one zone everyone needs to level in? Pk is part of the game, but I can't fathom doing something like that. I see PK as a personal vendetta and revenge. Not PK as in wiping out the entire server for the fun of it. 

As for the nature of events, this game clearly needs a gold sink more then before because it is designed for afking. This is why 1 mil adena is treated like a $1 tip. Without gold sinks there would be nothing to spend on and adena just piles up all from automated gameplay. The costs are still tough for new and casual players, but I think I understand the logic of it. 

Comparatively, the cost of random craft is 1 mil per on classic, but 300k on aden. They allow you to buy up to 3 milky way buffs and technically it's also a 24 hour xp buff scroll for 1 mil adena when xp buffs are a premium on L2. 

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