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P atk drops more or less in half


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Hi, I've noticed a weird bug, but I can't replicate it on demand. Please let me know if you've come across a similar issue and if you know why/when this happens.

Class: I've experienced it on Tyrr Titan and Tyrr Maestro

Location: Baylor and Kamaloka 105, no idea if  this happens in other instances as those are the only ones I can do xD

Use case: I use 2 types of trios, 1: tyrr  titan + iss + tank or sometimes feoh, 2: tyrr maestro x2 + iss

I always use the same buffs and boosts for all characters (rose + shining dragon + honey beer + some XP ones), have clan advent on etc

I always start with baylor, when I attack it and use BR I sometimes notice the HP goes down way slower than usual and after BR it hardly moves. I check my p atk and can see it is decreased in more or less half (not sure about other stats, but probably too as I start getting trouble staying alive and need to focus on healing :P). I check my boosts (all on), check my gear (all equipped) etc, nothing seems to be missing. I kill baylor horribly slow and then relog. This often helps, after relog my p atk is back to normal, so I can finish kamaloka, but sometimes relogging doesn't help. Yesterday it did not help, so i finished kamaloka with great suffering (very slow) and logged off. Today the p atk is back to normal.

Any suggestions?

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Baylor can cast berserker skill i think this is why u need Focus heal sometimes. With berserker he hit hard 

About atk is rly a bug?

Check tank aura. Its SK? With cubic debuffing?

Tyrr use skill dualclass Berserker Rage?

Tyrr drop HP with berserker up?

With Feoh he cast Ruin on macro?

A Lot of debuff to see How kill fast

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Thanks for your comments :) The tank is evas templar. When with feohm, it is using ruin, iss debuffs too. As I do those instances daily I know my normal dps and this bug occurs randomly from time to time.

With tyrr titan I usually kill Baylor fast - when the bug occurs it takes a few times longer, but it's still mangable.

With Tyrr Maestro x2 + ISS it usually takes me 6-7 mins to kill baylors, but when this bug occurs it can even go to 20+ min (Maestros are in blessed exalted ;) ).

Yesterday when i saw dps was low (party Maestro x2 + ISS) I opened alt+t (character status) and I saw my main maestro lvl 110 had 70k p atk while normally without berserk etc it has over 140k (assisting Maestro is 107, did not bother to check its p atk). Main Maestro had full buffs on incl Bear, Berserk, Force of Golem, Rose + shining dragon + honey beer + l2pass buff and it has top Tanga homunculus, so 70k seems very weird. Took me forever to kill Baylors >.< 

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FYI if you don't kill Baylor quick it triggers its invincibility shield that last for maximum of 10 minutes sometimes you can crack it sooner (not sure if its number of hits or direction that make it crack) but I have done both cracked it and had to wait the 10 minutes.  No longer an issue for me because I kill each 105 baylor in 1 hit working on doing that in the 110s now but yea that is baylor mechanic.

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