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Jenny's Secret Shop - Petition to reduce [1 Star rewards]


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Hello @Hermes,

I really hope this reaches you and you could find a solution to a problem that is affecting mostly Naia server.

On Naia specifically, the rounds are not finishing at all, we had several rounds with very good rewards and we barely finish some of them, while the rest of rounds ends up with 5k of each 1 Star rewards.

On Chronos we noticed that most (If not all) the rounds finish, sometimes just in 20 minutes, sometimes close to the finish time.


It's very noticeable the difference between both servers and the fact that top rewards are given out in mid round with a very very very small chance, it doesn't make it very appealing to participate.


I would like to request if possible, the reduction of 1 Star rewards. In total, 42.000 rewards are part of each round for the 1 Star tier and seems a lot.


Would it be possible to review the amount of rewards (Maybe 4k per item in that tier) so in the next maintenance we could enjoy the event for at least 2 weeks?


Thank you very much for your time and looking forward to a prompt solution on this.

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U can clearly see that Naia Population isnt made for these events. If even Top Opal 5 + Belt stage 2 isnt going to the end where the top rewards drop.

Can u please lower the tier 1 rewards?

This will create an unfair advantage on Chronos server,  compared to Naia server, where these top items dont drop. 

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Wow, Naia seems dead. Again, no Star3 rewards.

As for the event itself. Last time Star3 rewards were given out too quick - the event closed within a few minutes and no one could take any rewards, so the improvement in the rate is a good decision, but I think you've overdone it :) It would be good to have something in between. I could buy some tickets to increase participation rate if the XP boosts did not expire, otherwise, I will not be able to use them up, so it's a waste of adena.

PS. It would also be great if a Greater Rune Stone was Star2 and not Star3. On Naia it is sold for 17bil at the moment, which is ridiculous for learning a skill (I'm 111 and still haven't learnt my lvl 110 skill)

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Hello @mephisto
NC west hasn't looked at Europe for a long time......

What I don't understand is how Naia follows online

there is no market or products or community

right now there are two or three clans that are active, the rest afk let's see if in 10 years they have some adena to buy an item

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