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Hi NcSoft,

For me free events are the only thing that drive this game, I always loved the free events provided so I can have a small boost in revenue. I loved the click raffle to get some free 1b items by clicking at the last second. But now this aden event is the worst event i've ever seen, i have 1200 scrolls and will have enough for the rest of the event, but this is all i'm gonna get because the chance at anything else is to low. At this point you might as well give us the buff from a herb that drops from mobs because now I have to collect all the dice and roll to get the buffs.

I remember when we had aden event on l2classic we had free enchant scrolls for everyone, which was worth a lot to us. You don't have to give everyone top-grade jewels in a free event because nobody is expecting you to give those out for free, but consider adding some rewards in the range between 10m - 1b and increasing the chances of getting those. (For the record, i opened around 50 boxes and got nothing but scrolls)

- Freya ice rose / Dragon glowing / Honey dark beer
- Crystal of dawn / Forgotten spellbook
- Artifact fragments / Artifact crystals
- Star signs

Thanks for the free event but this is a pointless tedious task that has 0 rewards.

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