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is anyone here?

@Hermes @Wissp @EMpulse

you've abandoned the game and your players. Is it possible to inform us about what's coming up and what are your plans of "changing the future of l2" ?

You guys are afk 100% of the time, you only login to post weekly maintenance notes and THE GAME IS REALLY BORING WE DON'T HAVE ANY EVENTS TO FOCUS OR ANYTHING ELSE!

Don't take it bad, but i HOPE that you will lose ALL YOUR players and ALL WHALES stop spending money in this game. I really wanna see what you will do when everyone will leave. Maybe then you will start making changes in the game.

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I can't understand this lack of respect for players, we all know that L2 is the biggest revenue of NC and even then they pretend we don't exist!

All GM's at the beginning come with the same bullshit that it will be more active than the previous one and bla bla bla, in the second week it disappears!

We're not heard, we don't have fair events, we don't have any attention!


@Wissp won't you update us on your progress with Feoh? So far we don't know how it is and we don't know what "free" equipment you've been using.


@Hermes @EMpulse

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