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5 hours ago, Slycutter said:

They do they just so outdated they won't work if have any buffs on

How is this even a "gift"?!?!?!? 

Oh here is a cookie that WOULD be awesome if you could use it... but you can't have any buffs.. which means it's actually worse then just your regular buffs... ENJOY THE FREE GIFT. 

PLEASE... NC Soft, sell us the rights for l2 in NA and let us run the server the right way. 

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Hmm, if you merged this topic then that means someone actually read it. But, i don't see a response of any kind. That seems rather shady. "I read your  $#@%^, and i don't give a %$#^$." Kinda cold. Is that what you're saying to us? Maybe i should look on L2 Discord. You might have given an answer that i've missed. 

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