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How to Log Max clients across all servers


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Hi, I'm Tod.


I want to know how to log the 13 max clients on Lineage 2.

It seems I cannot log all 13 accounts on same PC.


How to by-pass this because on here (https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047233832-Lineage-II-Multibox-Limit) it says we are allowed to do it but it is impossible


Is there an order we need to follow to log them all in? Example: Classic first, Live second, Essence last??




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I also noticed that you cannot log 13 accounts into one computer, you run into an error after 4th client stating that the maximum number of clients has been logged. It states that you are allowed to log 13 accounts per PC. Why is this impossible? There are many of us who play all west coast servers and cannot do all dailies + log for attendance events in the same gaming session. It delays a lot of time.


Can someone please look into this?

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