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number of screens


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We already know that the team never listens to the players, but I decided to try anyway.

The game is not so popular anymore and I am happy when I see the amount of updates and events that still happen aimed at attracting new players and even keeping the old ones.

But there is quite a rock for anyone who wants to be competitive. The absurd number of accounts that can be opened at the same time.

Let's face it, 10 characters per computer? how is this going to encourage group play?

The only result of this is players keeping screens open to make items / adena and illegally sell them outside of the game.

I would like to ask for a review of this very important detail and, if possible, reduce this maximum amount to less than half.

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probably cause everybody will quit, aint nobody got time to sit in town begging supports to login. that's how the game's been for 15 years or so.

ps live only allows 3 windows, 10 is aden, op's complaint is missplaced

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