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New security software


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Looking for information as a customer on what the new security program allows and doesn’t allow. I’m not asking for ncsoft to give away vital information that could help people use 3rd party bot programs but more of an official response in regards to macros, keyboard and mouse macros, voice programs, latency programs , vpn programs etc. A large portion of your customers use programs and hardware like Corsair, Logitech gaming software, team-speak, discord, ventrilo, wtfast and numerous vpn programs so they have a connection fast enough to play the game without lagging out or disconnecting every few minutes.


A community manager posted general information about the program and its capabilities but not what features listed would be implemented. 


TLDR : what programs are we no longer safe to use per ncsoft and per the new security software? Will we get banned for using a keyboard/mouse macro to assist playing? Will we be banned for using voice program? Will we be banned for using a vpn or latency program?

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The XC3 was tested today,

1st time servers were up it was working - but there was a problem and all froze up so servers went down! 

2nd attempt servers were up and XC3 was working, but we had the same problem all froze up... 

3rd time servers were up and no more XC3 :D 

End of the story :D 

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