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iss hiero and doom faction farming, dual sword or retri


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im doing faccion farming as a iss, using dual sword with wind element, the new skill improve divine damage, wich make me do magic and fisical damage,  when is activated  it use ss and bss  doing no skill, in simple hits, 

a retributer + 12 have

p attack 1030

m attack 669


a dual sword have

p attack 1205

m attack 553

wich one would be better? 

about hp hp i have another weapond , this one is for farming  p attack/critical damage

ah when it say : make divine damage means only m attack ,or holy elemental would help too, i dont know about it

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i think that part of the skill is almost useless as rolling thunder from tyrs...
i also wondering if holy increase the damage, and tested with paulina s grade vs paulina apo... but i cant say if it work or not..

in any case, if it is holy damage, you will get a max bonus of 1.25 from which is very poor on 200-400 hits...
so i would say stick with warrior weapon at least you are using that retri with sos....

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