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Flex Blow Change Question

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@Hermes @Wissp @GM_EVA


Can any of you confirm if this skill is still an aoe skill after the update? 

The skill is currently a short distance aoe stab

the new skill is a stab+teleport type of skill, but aoe still?   or is this now single target? (you would need to test the skill on a group of monsters to verify this, the description is terribly translated)


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not only do they not know what flex blow is, they overlook our class again, in pve/pvp

all other classes have massive dmg/aoe to xp/pvp 10x what daggers do in 1v1, we are left with inferior evasion, defense, (oh and lets not forget, they gave EVERYONE a firework that flashes us out of hide to exploit our weakness, they didn't do that on any other class) an aoe that is directional, while all other dd classes simply can stand in spot and aoe wide area.

Flex blow imo should be 360 degrees

and yes i think it will remain aoe, if not i will re-roll just to xp, any other class tyrr/feoh, dk does 3x what we do solo


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