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Full Moon Event?


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13 minutes ago, FatherFortuitous said:

What do we do, just stand around and wait for a buff or something? Do we actually get to kill something? Shoot the moon? Whatever???

Ironically the in-game Full Moon happens after maintenance Oct 10th... nearly a "New Moon" (on the 14th)


The event Full Moon should have been this week to be concurrent to RL Harvest Moon!!

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Full Moon - Vitality Maintaining Rune Details

From the maintenance starting on Tuesday, October 10, to the maintenance on October 17, a Full Moon will appear above the Towns of Giran and Rune. By double clicking on the Full Moon, the player will be rewarded with a Vitality Maintaining Rune that will last for 14 days or until the rune is removed during maintenance on October 24. 

  • The Vitality Maintaining Rune will be removed during the maintenance on October 24.
  • Limited at 1 per account.
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23 hours ago, cpakadk said:

Why will the event only last a week, whereas on the Innova servers it lasts 3 weeks?

Cuz our administration "game dev's" are incompetent in doing their jobs , full moon harvest will kick on "new moon" and christmas and new year event in January 15th..

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