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3 hours ago, Kowis said:

Last time I played Lineage 8 years ago. Now I have many obligations.
Is it worth to start playing here and spend only 1,5h daily ?
I just want to imagine how long it will take to get 40lvl. In 6 months ?

It will be worth it if you play without having big goals from the start. This is not C3/c4 or whatever, this is a new version. That means you will have to learn the game again, the classes have new skills, the game system with daily rewards/achievements will help you through the journey ( kiiiiiinda like the "Path to Awakening" back on the beggining of the Goddess of Destruction).
I would say 1 to 2 hours a day will be enough ( if you are able to double it during weekends, even better) for you to learn, interact and feel a sense of accomplishment, but keep in mind that getting level 40 might not take 1 month, but it won't take 6 either. Just take your time

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17 minutes ago, existenz said:

the pain comes when you see shops selling eminence bow 5 milions and you are almost 40 and you have 500k adena :)

Whoever controls the Raid Bosses, will control the market. They drop full items ( weapon/sets) and give tons of Exp, so it might be good to have an eye on it, even if to KS it and leech some exp.

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