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Serious question to NC about Classic


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So, no time to lose, lets go.

Song dance 2 or 5 minutes? 5 minutes, propechis, chant of victory and VOP 10 minutes


Will GK be free until lvl 40?( really idiot that, #hardcore, why give free stuff if the purpose is be hard?) "Juji already say NO FREE." JohnSnow forum font.


Will have Sin Aghation or Scrolls for PK?( Aghation for dont u make a PK-Age)


Launch hour at 3?(Please make a voting)


Summoners level up first class nuke skill after 40?


Will NC sell Weapon, Armor and Jewels in future updates on L2Store?


Will NC sell Brooch and Gems in future updates on L2Store?


The quest content will be 1.5 or 2.0+ ( 1.5 is based on grind, and explore first tier of game the NO Grade, 2.0 just give u common quest for u rush to 20)? 1.5 apparently.


More question later, just post guys, update in few time.

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