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Fishing - what NC West did not tell you in patch notes


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Before the update the catch rate of Powerful Fish was 2.38% (based on over 300k baits R99 used - yes, I did fish a lot).

Now it seems to be around 1.15% (obviously, I have a smaller sample).

As a result, if you want to get at least even, elcy powder should be sold for around 2.6kk adena each ...or more if you fish with R102 baits (the catch rate seems to be the same for both).

In the worst case scenario of selling elcy powder for 1kk to grocery, for every 5000 baits (123kk adena) you loose around 47kk. Of course, you may get lucky and get some Luck potions which you can sell, but even after that it is probable that you will not get even.

On Naia in AH the price is now 1.5kk. I know you guys may be fishing for xp and you don't care if you spend adena or not, but please consider not selling Elcy Powders so cheap. Thanks.

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