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Giran or Talking Island


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I'am reading from 3 days now that on TI will be the best clans and the best players.
But what's happening then with the other server(Giran) ?
Don't you think in the time there will be a merge or something ?
Asking for a information because im still thinking about which server should i start :)


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And the timezone is a very important thing.
GMT-5 or GMT+1
Im from Europe,i don't think for me will be a problem to play on GMT-5 but.
Most of the people don't think in the future this will be a problem for them.
The start is easy but after that ?

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1 hour ago, SpartianGuard said:

Well i am from Greece the sieges on TI is around 3 oclock at night so for me is hard ... :) if you dont have problem with the -5 then you answer alone in which server you should go :)

greece is gmt+3 so gmt-5 is 8 hours later...

if sieges are 8 oclock then is 4 oclock

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