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Can u please restore the proper drop rate?

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Vuku Orc archer according to viki drops at least 43 adena, just dropped 14 to me. Drop rate is 0, got 1 no grade jewels (the absolute lowest no grade), even XP is nerfed All of this with VIP

LOL after 1 day and the casuals are already complaining. Holy crap. This is L2 - Back in Classic people were so poor we had to run under the fking water to to the mainland becasue we where so poor.

As a human warrior I need some healing pots and a weapon.. I can live without soulshots.  But for the love of god, ~30 adena per kill? Really? And I have to sit after every 2-4 mobs to recover. I'm so

I agree match the same drop rate and xp rate as old L2, BUT u will also have to pay for teleport, drop items on death, no free armor, no free weapon, no level 20 in a few hours, fishing must be manual, swim or take the boat ferry to save money as opposed to spending it on teleports, Manual soulshots, No L2 store, etc all for a subscription of 15$ a month. 

Basically all the adena sinks from old L2 with a required subscription to play.

No more free rice crybabies. This is Lineage 2.

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