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Items in Classic Launch Pack CANNOT be transferred


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In your FAQ it says:


Q: Can I transfer items from Classic Launch Pack between characters on the same account?
Items in the Classic Launch pack can be transferred via the dimensional warehouse between Lineage II Classic characters on the same account.

The ONLY items that can be transferred are the pom poms, the rune, and the mask. NONE of the scrolls, pots OR the ring can be transferred!

I created a character and decided I wanted to be a different class after playing last night and now I can't get most of my items onto a new character!

@Hime it was your FAQ post I got this from.

Edit: You also can't transfer anything you get from VIP (the rewards that come from the daily boxes, the silver coins)

The following items obtained in the packs you cannot trade via the Dimensional Merchant:

  • 1st Class Transfer Buff Scroll
  • XP/SP Boost Scroll
  • Major Healing Potions
  • Chronicle Ring
  • Agathion Bracelet Lv 1 -  180-Day

The following VIP Items cannot be transferred via Dimensional Merchant:

  • Silver Coin
  • Healing Potions
  • All Daily Reward Items (Healing potions, Scroll of Escape, Scroll of Resurrection)

Event Items:

  • Attendance Coins
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@Hime @Juji I understand you and your team is getting flooded right now but the FAQ said the Chronicle Pack items would be transferable via the Dimensional Keeper and the majority of the items are not.

Could I please get confirmation that this is an error and that I will be able to transfer items I paid for if I want to switch characters?

Edit: Oh I see, you don't acknowledge my post but make sure the team updates the NEW launch pack page FAQ to reflect the non-transferable items. (Note: The old FAQ said the same thing that your post still does--that items are transferable.)


Your post (and what the old, now taken down, Launch Pack FAQ said):


Considering the false advertising from the original FAQ and your current unedited post in conjunction with my purchase date being prior to the amended FAQ, I'd like to request a transfer of my items to a new character, please.

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would love to see my XP/SP rune transfered to another char to , after the spirit shot bug i could not get the shots and i made another char , now they fixed it , but i am playing the  other char , why is it when people pay 30$ for a pack and can hardly do anything with the items ... just on char .... and you can only buy the pack once to .... 

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did You manage? I've tried 3 days ago and it was still not possible to trade buff / xp scrolls.


any solution for that? As VIP works for the whole account, why are we not able to transfer items we bought with NCCoins? 

I got vip4 (Chronicle pack + spend almost 1k nc coins on buff scrolls), rerolled to diff char and now 40+ scrolls are stuck on previous char. Kinda disappointing to say, at least.

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