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Do we get less XP in some zones ???


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@Juji, @Hime, Good day! 

I know you have tons of work now and you are pretty busy with solving our classic servers, but there are a lot of player on LIVE, who report they get less XP in some areas like Sea of Spores, Elven Village.. 

Few days ago I had a similar experience in Sea of Spores, me and some of the party members noticed we suddenly start getting less xp with same boosts/buffs/server xp setting! 

For example buffed with used xp boosts, same people in pt, same levels (no1 did lvl up while xping) I was getting minimum 5.5b to max 7-8b, at some point min xp was dropped to 4.1-4.2b and max to 6.3-6.6 ( I do not count the several mobs which give huge xp, not sure about those ).

This morning I hear more ppl complain about it, some of them I personally know!

Please, find time and do some tests! Thanks! 

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