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Things are simple


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So things are simple for me....devs have so many solutions in their hands to fix the 'problem'
1)increase server slots
2)minimize accounts per pc
BUT...because of the VIP they will not change ANYTHING...because its still a company who wants to make money....
They rather have certain amount of people who paid and they will pay in future than 15k ppl who play for free...also if they fix it there will be absolute no reason to get VIP so less money for them.
So for us there are 3 solutions...
either pay to get vip to your accounts so you can play
either be patient and pray to fix it (i dont think so that it will happen any time soon)

or leave official and try your luck somewhere else...simple as that is for me...and please devs dont tell me that you update an entire patch of new lineage and you didnt expect theese kind of problems...this tells me 2 things....either you are amateurs or you are lying about you cant fix it....and personally i dont think you are amateurs!

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i think if they act against bots and people who use 2 clients at the same time, the server login problem should be more or less solved, but well, perhaps we will have to wait and see what they end up doing.

I don't believe they want their "clients" (free and vip ones) leaving the server more and more empty so,  they'll do something about it for sure (if people complain enough about it).
Have your hopes up mate! xD


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So it's friday, I thought it would be nice to chill after work with L2 and a glass of cold beer, but even after many many times, about 4 hours of trying, there is still no luck to log in. Guys seriously? Do you really think your VIPs will be always paying you? Eventually they will stop, and you will be stuck with dead server with no people. Players won't wait longer for this fix. If you say you are trying, ur not trying enough simple as that.  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. IT'S TIME!! 

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