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A simple suggestion to those unsatisfied with queues


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6 minutes ago, Amkzul said:

Join Aden.


Seriously stop whining, join us. The servers will eventually merge again anyway.  Use some common sense.

Another intellectual, have you heard of time zones? even if the server would merge it will merge with talking island, since TI has closest time zone to aden, and when will they merge? a year from now? so for europeans there is still no place to play. It seems you should accuire some of that "common sense"

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18 minutes ago, Amkzul said:

IV played with plenty of euros in the past.  Who cares if you miss the occasional seige.  It's a game not life.

Really? who cares? than whats the point of the game, I might as well just stay on Giran server and ay 1 hours a week, I will be lv 30 in a year, but who cares right its just a game

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