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Third Party apps + too many bots


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many user despite using bot program not any1 punishing

NCSOFT allways dint punishing bot program user


Another game, PUBG, recognized the software number on the bot program user's computer and gave a BAN


If you do not punish the formula for BOT, more user will use the bot program. and maybe i`m one of them.


howabout another user think?


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I really Like L2 classic its great but I am sick and tired of seeing so many bots everywhere I dont care for seller shops or fishing for em that is not the issue, its everywhere I go 6 bot train everywhere I go, plains of dion, wastelands, eastern mining zone to name a few, now I am VIP and I have too queue because of this, if NCSOFT do not do anything about it then I simply wont pay for VIP 3 again, I can imagine alot of people will have the same idea.

Its a shame bots are killing the game, and to be fair I have been on a server with bots but not of this magnitude, ban the bots or lose your player base


@Hime @Juji

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