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Why do people need guides ? Why not just gather information yourself and make your own opinion instead of blindly following someone else ?

Anyway here's what I gathered (also going to be DA):

Dyes: well, it depends... Personnaly I think I'll go +CON +DEX -STR with a sword for crit rate. Maybe +MEN ? I saw that WIT affect debuff land rate so maybe interesting... need to test it out. Apparently now shield block is only affected by CON, so you can go +STR with a blunt if you don't care about crits too...

Armor: depends on what you want to do I guess, but from what I've seen it's pretty clear if an armor is meant for DD or Tank, you just need to look at the stats and think about it.

Weapon: Sword=less accuracy, more crits. Blunt=more accuracy, less crits. We don't have skills requiring blunts so it's just a personnal gameplay choice.

Skills: Horror. OP landrate it seems. Must buy.

Mass pvp: usually tanks are disrupting healers in mass pvp, but you'll learn that from your clan I guess...

Normal pvp: Depends on the situation I guess, dirupting and killing healers is always a good start imho but in some situation it might be good to protects yours by aggroing and stunning attackers ?

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On 10/25/2018 at 3:05 PM, LosBandoleros said:

Hello all :) Can someone help with DA class. I need one good guide which is gonna work here.


Best skills

How to play in mass pvp etc.. 

Thank you all

Dyes:  Leave it stock.  MEN you can't modify it your class won't allow it (as far as I remember).  We used to go +4STR +4DEX - CON but this is not the same game as before.   Some people go WIT for fear casting speed

Equip:  Best you can afford.

Skills: Depends if you going for.  Party or solo. 

If solo:   Hamstring, Horror, Stun, Self buffs, Shield strike (it actually does good damage).  Life Scavenge probably bottom of the list if you learn it at all.  DOTs are big in this version so Corpse plague it's actually very useful 

If party: I don't party that much so iono xD

PvP mass:  Fear, slow ppl.  Stun if viable.  Aggro if a squishy is taking fire.

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39 minutes ago, NecroFillin said:

I suggest +4STR -4 CON for solo farming its highly increases ur DPS. But better dyouon`t try pvp with such build

why not pvp? it doesn´t reduce that much your HP.. .... And the DPS is not that much, is nice, but not thaaat much xD

your concern because about avoiding PVP on this dye setup is cause of the HP reduction? or something else??

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