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Help in Epic Istina Zone


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Hi everyone

Could you please explain the epic istina mode and how to defeat it ?

I went with 2 PT last time and we all got really annihilated.

There is a control device that NPC gives you, but i don't know how it's used + in the zone, there is something like circle electric thing appears and debuff all players in air, how to deal with it?

I wait your advice and instructions please, exalted quest.

excuse my English and Thanks in advance 

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Sometimes when Istina use debuff to pick up ppl in the air you cen see tehere are balls on the ground. You need to use enegry control device on that ball to take down ppl.

Sometimes Istina use barrier then 5 ppl need to use energy control device on istina to cancel barier.

When mob spawn you need to fast kill Torumba becose they healing Istina.

Tehre are 3 colours zone inside. Before they spawn there is message wchich one is danger zone. 

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