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Server restart in weekend


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Who would agree, with the weekend server to do a restard, in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday in the time of each server, this would help to get all AFK that are not paying a single dollar / euro, take care of the players because they are customers or you are going to shit.

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  • Amraith changed the title to Server restart in weekend
6 minutes ago, drizz said:

This will never happen. There are more “professional” solutions that would potentially fix the issue. This would be an inconvenience to many players and cause more harm than good.

You are probably right that it won’t happen but it’s not a great inconvenience to active, honest players. It might bother the bots and other afkers but that’s fine with me. Anyway, it would just be temporary until the queues are gone, by attrition or, as you put it, more professional solutions. 

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