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Spectral Slash


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Here's some context:

Cryer's 1 vs Warrior's 2

  • 22% vs 25% P. Atk.
  • 70% vs 85% P. CD
  • 15% vs 10% Atk. Spd
  • 100% vs 100% P. Crit. Rate

Specialty - Cryer's 1
M. Atk. +40%, M. Crit. Rate +100%, Cast Spd. +15%, Skill CD -20%, Skill MP consumption -15%

Specialty - Warrior's 2
Movement speed +10, chance to add "Spectral Slash" effect to target. Application/level increase can be attained by basic attacks (both normal and critical hits) as well as skills. The effect hits as hard as a skills with 100 Physical Power (think like Power Shot from level 5-15) and decreases P/MDef by 20/50/100. Once applied or when level increases, the effect lasts for 10 seconds.


As you can see, any type of skill-sensitive fighter would want the lower MP consumption and unprecedented CDR vs marginal increases to patk or PCD, which also come at a price of attack speed. Movement speed CAN help in PvP, but in general the level 2 warrior's harmony looks pretty bland.

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