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Clan War System


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My favorite part of L2 back in the day was the war system.  In the past you warred someone and they warred back or they didn't, but if they didn't after x number of days, the war was still forced.  This is a pvp community and clan wars suck at present.  Please address this, #makeL2PVPgreatagain

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definitely agree. if they dont accept war, war should be forced after so many hours , and or the 5 kills. but if war is not declared back then the declared war should be temporary. for example a decs on b. B doesnt dec back, after 24 hours war is forced, and lasts for 72 hours. but if b decs back then war last as long as both guilds have declaration.

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1 hour ago, Rain said:

This war system is for the snowflakes who like to talk that talk but bsoe on sight cough cough watch Nova on Chronos. Bring back the old clan war system, and never introduce PR or BSOEs!!!

BSOEs exist in classic, but will mainly be an event item. About PR you don't have to worry, there's only EE that can do it and the SB will cost similar to SB DW.

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