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I have come to trust NCsoft in their ability to discern botters from non-botters.  After 14 years, I am the #1 most sought after by live players to claim that I am a botter.  GhostintheShell runs 9 toons during classic, auto-follow that look like trains in catacboms.  In Live since GoD, maximum party is 7, and that's how many characters I have, 7.

In the years since GoD, I cannot remembered the amount of people calling me botting, botters, bots, whatever names they throw at me to get me riled up.  But I never botted EVER, period.  That was my #1 rule.  I may have bling bling but I will NEVER bot to get ahead, not PVE or PvP.

To that end, NCsoft bot detection team and along with their Artificial Intelligence assist 2-3 years back bot detection for pattern recognition technology was able to catch even the most subtle botting programs.  The only automated legally allowed are the 12-lines of macro and they are extremely limited and your parties often die while you AFK - that's allowed.

Over the years, I have seen countless claims that I don't bot bans.  All of them do something suspicious.  I got a Korean friend who got 2 of his DD banned, though he claimed he didn't bot but nobody not even me can get him to ever admit - but I will tell you this - right before he got banned, for 2-3 months he's been telling to me to bot, after all those years of not botting, I flat out refused and don't even want to entertain that idea.  He probably got frustrated from all the years of other botters or program users including pvp programs, that he wanted to level the playing field.  Not 2 weeks after, his 2 DD got banned.  He cried and barked and to no avail, a 14 years L2 veteran and a good friend, was never the same.  He doesn't have the income that i have to sustained mistakes or what not and eventually real life catch up with him and he has probably quit for good, not sure but getting banned is no joke.  So if you want to keep your investment, don't bot!

Years ago, I heard with speciality Razer series hardware keyboard and mouse, you can automate MMORPG via external hardware not software - even that I was careful such those borderline can be categorized as automation assistance outside of what's sanctioned by Ncsoft - even that I never used - I was that careful.  Up until July 2016, I never used the L2 built-in macro because for some reason or another, in the early years of GoD, the 12liner Macro suck so bad, not sure if because of the network technology lag or what not, the macro would break and skill combo don't connect well and really buggy.  So for majority of the GoD period, I was using 3 keyboards, 3 mouses and physical press every function keys manually.  Once I discovered the 12-line of sanctioned macro assist, I went from 7x characters lv.102 to 104 quickly.  Getting 7 toons from 104-105 was a bleep but I did it.

In any case, kudos to NCsoft for the A.I. implementation to catch bots.  Let's machine caught machines!  :)

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I just had an account locked in Classic for suspicious activity.

I do not bot and I hate botters / cheaters because it kills games.

Something is wrong with their bot detection system because all I was doing was dual boxing a character with my buffer.

I must admit during the grinding I did manage to report myself with the bot report button due to the fact I was following my other character so I was already clicked on it and I hit the wrong button but I do not know if that was the reason for the locked account.

If you dual box do not have the report button in your tool bar or you will do what I did.

NCsoft now put the bot report button by default in the tool bar , so get it out of there or you will stuff it up like I did.

Another thing is new players will report others if they see a character following another because they are new and do not understand what dual boxing is and they do not understand that it is allowed up to 3 characters , so they think it is a bot train and report you , 


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