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Armor quest lvl 25


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Robe will give you best casting, attack and movement speed at the expense of P.Def. Moreover, you can further increase casting speed via armor set bonuses like +15% c speed (Karmian, Avadon, DC).

Light Armor mastery (level 40+) *almost* compensates the penalty you get for not using robe and adds MP recovery on top of its higher P.Def. Further casting speed increase is only available on BW light, though.

Until level 40 you should stick with Robe, afterwards you may want to use light if you intend to use physical attacks to speed up kills.

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PP? If it is your main, maybe robe. Or if you are always in a big party, or you don't want to get your char fully equipped, use robe. Else in small party or duo, light with good weapon would be more helpful.

After 40,maybe heavy armor is your choice.

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