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LMS 300k reward event ended. Next event Sunday (Giran)


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So as my previous post sayd "Here" i was hoping on getting at least 16 players to LMS event, but 1 player showed up and one i had to find in town throu shout chat :D ( lazy arse server :D )

So we made 1x1 best out of 5. Winner gets 300k. Loser 100k.

So here are the winner BrutinOz  (winner by forfeit) 300k adena rewarded.


And of course DeathBaron ( He won the fight 3:1 but gave winnings to BrutinOz and took 100k for 2nd place) Nice sportsmanship :)


Next Event:

Since this event was not as planed and only two people showed up, I hope this post encourages more ppl to compete in the upcoming event.

Next event I plan is Last Man Standing competition of max 16 players ( minimum 5 )

I will post detail about the event (with info how to join) on forum tommorow at 11:00 am +1UTC and the event will be at Sunday ( Server Giran )


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7 hours ago, Siedun said:

That's a very cool idea mate and I'd love to join but can you do a level 40-50 bracket? I think a majority of the active player base is in that range. People can whisper you so you can check they are 4x.

Yup I think I will do next one 40-49 :)

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