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We want Hime back !


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There are good reasons why Hime is Senior Community Manager while Conguero is just a footman. Firstly of course the fact that she writes better English, but she also comes over as more "understanding" because she started her professional career as GM at Nexon, i.e. she is deeply familiar with the problems the little player is facing, especially in a cash-item environment.

Nevertheless she is a loyal NCsoft employee. Hime is Conguero's superior being and you can be sure that he does nothing that is not approved by her. It's the classic good cop - bad cop ploy: Conguero is the bearded ruffian beating up anybody who is looking at him in the wrong way, while Hime is the nice lady with a smile on her face. But at the end of the day they are both cops, their one and only goal being the maximization of NCsoft's revenue and profit by any means that are remotely legit xD

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