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SWS or EE or TK?


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I was thinking to play a Bishop but most of people say that right now the class is not useful. I'm playing a summoner as my main but I want to change to a class more useful in party as my main. So I though maybe an Elven Elder of a Swordsinger ot even like a tank with a Temple Knight. BUt I want to know your experience about because I can make cash and I'm making money to buy a mid d grade weapon to reroll and I know any weapon is fine to a summoner even if I level from a wizard because is cheaper to use the pet to do the DPS.

SO I thought, what are the hardship I might have to deal level any of those class I mentioned before and what outcome I can expect? I played a Bishop in c4 and was nice but the bishop of classic seems like short of hand in some way that doesn't seems useful but I'm playing for the long. Still I know a EE or SWS or a TK are pretty useful!


TO be Honest if I decide a SWS or TK, I planned to play the Elven knight with a tank a shield and after that, even if I decide by a SWS, play it like a tank until like 50 and change to 2h-sword.

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2 hours ago, leoniums7 said:

hey dude, if you want be the most wanted guy, go for SWS you can go with shield + sword, tk not very good in this server i guess,

very low dmg, u really depend on ur cubics late game.

i do not recomend anny tank to solo or farm to make adena.

Agree, a tank to make adena is closer to useless on high levels, but, in my case, I have 2 Mains, One Knight  lvl 28 (looking for Dark Avenger) and One Rogue lvl (27) (Looking for Hawkeye), in Both characters, I have been leveling up with Prophet behind and usng a BOW as my main weapon, having good results, using less shots in compare with am sword because of its higher P.Attack, but obviously, the Rogue hits harder and gets more criticals. I'm planning to continue leveling both mains with the archer and with the Prophet taking care of them.
Talking about the @Jolt2bolt question, he would use the class he likes the most, but if he doesn't care about it, lets use the SWS, its more needed than a TK for parties, but in 1 Vs 1 PvP, will not be as good as the TK is.   My recommend for him SWS, my personal choice between them, Temple Knight.

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