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Adena Issue and it's effects


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So, currently the adena issue is a problem.  You say it is free to play rates, what about those paying the subscription cost?  VIP isn't increasing adena?  If you want to keep these rates you need to adjust a few things, namely teleport cost.  You will spoil pvp because people won't teleport to help clan members fight.

Another unintended effect is the fact you can get a lower level character to farm more and faster under lvl 40 than you can in most areas of the game 40+.  This cannot be true, as the higher lvl you get the more you should spend on leveling.  I would be fine with rates if everything was the same rates.  Some areas are better than others.  Namely the under lvl 40 areas are better than 50+ areas.  What this allows and encourages are two things, one is for people to buy adena because they feel they have no other choice.  Two, it encourages the adena farmers to come into play because its easy for them to farm adena from 1-40, no huge investment for them, even if banned.  and the demand is so high that they are never sitting on adena, they move it fast which drives more need for it.  It inflates the market against legit players, when I farm and should be able to buy an item for 500k, Johnny Rich goes and buys 3 million adena and then buy the item for 1.5 mill instead of the correct value.  and then who is going to sale it at the correct price anymore when they know people will buy adena to sell it.  Look at the CDL and haste book.  6-10 million??


Please, if you are going to allow the rates to stay the same, then you need to handle RMT better.  Ban bots which drive the economy and let everyone stay poor.  Otherwise you will need to address the rates so that RMT has less of an impact.



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