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Rain of bots!


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24 minutes ago, Broxinha said:

When will someone from NCsoft go over the initial areas? It's so infested with Bots that I can not get a mob for me, because there are 2 bots per square meter!

Never. It's been like that for 15 years and will be. You can't ban bots. You can't prevent bot developers from finding solutions on how to make their only source of income work. Simple. 

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I didn't realize how bad it was till I had a level 19 toon that needed 5% so I went to a level 18 area outside orc starter town.  As a melee class I could not get up to a mob to hit it before a summoner already killed it.  I sent a 20 min buff scroll to get that 5%.  They don't even log out when you report them any more, they just don't care, its bad!

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